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Anaone is the first in a series of products from Parnian Co-operative Seal Its brand is derived from Anahita the goddess of water in ancient Iran. Anaone is designed with two pieces designed for any type of plant with any water requirement. The pineapple design is designed to minimize evaporation of water to the plant, as well as being useful for planting fruit trees, and is the best way to plant trees for deforestation.


Product Benefits

- At least 3 months water the tree with only 15 liters of water.
- Resistance to heat, cold, rot and cracking.
- Use on steep surfaces, hills, mountains and rough terrain.
- Less cost than other irrigation methods.
- Prevent the growth of weeds next to the seedlings.
- Ability to connect to large-scale irrigation systems.
- Direct irrigation to the root and prevent deep penetration of water.
- Easy and fertilizer controllable to seedlings by Annavine.
- Anavan's twine makes it usable for any diameter of tree trunk.
- Ability to change the wick and change the water output or add the number of wickets depending on the water requirement of the tree.