Given the upcoming droughts and the need to find solutions to optimize water use, Parnian Abgineen has made the curtain to map its roadmap step by step by researching, developing and designing dehydration-compatible products. . Anavana is the first of a series of products from the company whose name comes from Anahita Goddess of Water in ancient Iran.

"Quality and professional ethics are our credit"


Dream element

The dream is the beginning of everything. In the gamer of dreams, ideas become designs and then ideas become reality.

New Solutions

Parnian is always trying to come up with new and practical solutions to meet the target's needs

The production of knowledge

We also contribute to the production of science through research and research that we do to improve the quality of our products

Public Access

Vibe uses technology with a combination of simplicity and efficiency in its products. The solutions should be easy and accessible to everyone


The world population is projected to grow by 5% by the year 2. At the same time, the growth of agricultural crops will be negligible and man will plant all fertile land. In addition, there is a growing shortage of water and concerns about increased carbon dioxide concentrations. As a part of the world, our country has great potential to deal with this situation. As part of the solution to the problem, one can look back on the acres of land that had been dried up and deforested in decades. These areas that once were green due to the scarcity of grazing animals have turned into lush fields and can be returned to life with high-yielding trees.