Documentation and awards



Memorandum of Understanding with Bushehr Governorate

Memorandum of Understanding on the Use of Anavans for Urban Use in Bushehr Provincial Municipalities between Bushehr Provincial and Technical Governor's Office and Persian Gulf Science and Technology Park


Experience the least watering of plants and trees!

With the introduction of a crop called Anavan, the young bushehri seeks to revive the cultivation of plants and trees by using the least amount of irrigation throughout the year, which, however, no longer requires continuous irrigation of agricultural crops.



Save up to 90% on consumer spending with self-propelled devices

The biggest agricultural problem in the country is its traditional nature and the unwillingness of farmers to learn and train on current issues and agricultural developments that cause low productivity in this sector. But given the advances in the science and technology of marketed devices that reduce water consumption substantially, we have not missed the opportunity to sit down with Mojtaba Ahmadi Gharacha, Commerce Director at Parnian, which we read together.



Top Young Entrepreneur of Bushehr Province in 1977

Mr. Sobhan Zarezadeh, Managing Director of Parnian Abgineh Abandan Agricultural Co-operative Company, was selected as the Best Young Entrepreneur of Bushehr Province in 1977.



Investigation of the use of modern irrigation methods and technologies

HSEE Special Area Officer Hassan Sharpour announced the use of new irrigation methods and technologies, especially if these products were invented by native Parsian people.